Builder Services/
Commercial Division
Builder Services/Commercial Division
The Builder Services/Commercial Division was founded by Rich Macaluso in 1979. This department is managed by Executive Vice President, John Wiley. Starting with a few Southern California Builders, this department has grown over the past 29 years to processing thousands of transactions throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and Texas.

The Builder Services/Commercial Division's clientele has not only grown in size but also in its diversity. The department has an expertise in all types of title work such as for residential subdivisions, commercial projects, investment properties and government contract work.

Some specialized services are available through this department:

Tools for marketing land and investment properties of all kinds, including hotels, commercial buildings and apartments. Brokers, landowners, and investment property owners send in a brief description of the property that they are selling and it is mailed to a computerized list of builders who are looking for property. A searchable database of listings is also part of the hotline toolset. This hotline is compiled once a month and distributed throughout the Western United States via our account representatives.

Certain subdivision projects in the State of California must be filed with the Department of Real Estate before the homebuilder can sell his houses or units. California Title provides the processing of this filing free-of-charge (when we are insuring the project). Our DRE Coordinator is Donna Lawler, who has 28 years of experience. Donna has handled all types of subdivision projects and provides unparalled service to her clients. Donna may be reached at (909) 987-5433. Builder Services main FAX number (800) 700-9037.

The success of California Title and our Builder Services/Commercial Division is in its true commitment to service. We recognize that each client has unique needs and we customize our service to meet those needs. Structuring this division under one management team means that all clients have easy access to quick management decisions on title issues. This "corporate relationship" results in clients getting consistent service, even when doing business in multiple counties or states. California Title has been successful largely due to our ability to close tough transactions and forge long-lasting client relationships.

For more information on the Builder Services/Commercial Division, please contact:

Orange County: David Skarman / 949.795.7850 /
San Diego: Mike Turner / 760.535.3836 /
Los Angeles: Mark Medina / 818.404.0743 /
                       Brett Borkgren / 818.822.3650 /

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